I have studied piano since I was six years old. Someone gifted us an old upright piano and my love for music blossomed from there. Our family was of limited financial means, so by the time I was 11 I started babysitting on Friday and Saturday nights to pay for my piano lessons. I played twice a year at student recitals. I also played for nursing homes, banquets, weddings, and several churches.

I studied natural resources in college, but my love for music was always with me and I decided to teach piano in addition to my work planning nature programs, leading hikes and talks about flora and fauna for the Ohio State Parks. I joined the local Piano Teachers Association and went to every seminar, read every book I could find, and learned as much as I could about teaching piano. I now have over 35 years’ experience teaching piano. Many of my students have worked hard and been successful at piano.  I had a student who did extremely well and went to the Juilliard School for piano. I started work with her as a child, and worked with her up until she was ready to audition, then I suggested she work with a teacher who had gone to Juilliard to get her ready and put the finishing touches on her music. Two of my students also won national level awards at the piano competition for Accelerated Christian Education schools.

Contact me to set up on site private piano lessons.  I am currently available to teach in SW Gainesville, Jonesville, and Alachua here in Florida.